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In very few areas of law does so much depend on the rapport established between client and solicitor as in family law. The dissolution of a relationship in the context of a divorce, separation or otherwise is often fraught with emotion and is one of the most difficult experiences that individuals will encounter in life.

Thus it is a highly sensitive area that necessitates finely tuned rapport between solicitor and client. It is my belief that for these reasons the very nature of family law requires that the client deal directly with one lawyer throughout the entire duration of the proceedings. It is that very personal and exclusive attention that I provide to my clientele.

Some matters can be resolved through negotiation or mediation and others only through litigation. Litigation will be entertained only after all efforts to resolve the case with dignity have been exhausted. As a litigator I am a seasoned practitioner with 40 years of experience and I am continually and diligently working to broaden my research techniques, sharpen my critical reasoning abilities and hone my skills to increase my effectiveness for the client.

Not only do I provide the personal qualities that are vital for this highly emotive area of law, but the technical skills to handle the most complex of cases. I am supported, when necessary, by a network of strong contacts with professionals associated in all relevant areas including forensic accountants, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.


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